Apple Unveils Vision Pro: The Future of Augmented Reality Headsets

Recently at an event at WWDC 2023, Apple has introduced its new AR headset Vision Pro. Still there are lot of VR headsets in the market But Apple will become a Game changer soon. This time Apple is entering in the VR market with the combination of a Top Notch Hardware and New operating system. This combination is only manufactured for this headset. Vision Pro is computer in VR headset with a great operating system and spatial features. To make your processing and visual experience smooth Apple has installed M1 and R1 chips in Vision Pro. Apple has also installed many sensors in vision pro to make it controllable via Eyes and fingers

Apple Vision Pro

Image Credits : Apple

Sleek and Cutting-Edge Design

The Design of the VISION PRO is entirely new and fully customized by Apple. The device consists of Glass in the front and an adjustable band in the back. The Quality of the back strap fabric is very good, which makes it more comfortable for the user. Apple designed it so that they have adjusted all the necessary hardware and its weight and looks.

Power and Connectivity

Apple will provide a detachable battery with Vision Pro to maintain the device’s weight with performance. Users can easily keep that battery in their pocket while using Vision Pro. The Backup of this battery is 2 hours, but if you want to use it for a longer duration, then you can directly connect it to a Power outlet.

Display and Imaging

Vision Pro is equipped with dual displays, which have 23 million pixels. Including HDR, due to which the visual experience will become amazing. This headset is equipped with IR cameras. Vision Pro is equipped with a total of 23 sensors which includes 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones.

Apple Vision Pro

Image Credits : Apple


Vision Pro is Equipped with two high-end processors of Apple. The two chips in Apple vision pro are M1 and R1. M1 is the same chip which Apple uses in its Macbook. However, the R1 chip is used to increase the visual experience of vision pro. R1 chip also projects the eye view of the wearer onto an external display, which creates the illusion of a transparent headset.

Operating System of Vision Pro

This time apple has created a new OS for its headset, VISIONOS. Vision OS is equipped with Spatial Computing experience. Vision OS also supports the ECOSYSTEM of Apple. Vision OS with an R1 chip creates a whole new viewing experience for the user. After the initial phase of launch Vision OS will support Many apps like Microsoft Office, Adobe Lightroom etc. VisionOS also has special Medical and engineering software to create realistic 3D visualizations.

App Ecosystem and Compatibility

Since this device is equipped with the latest operating system, It also has its dedicated app store, which supports Many applications. It also allows you to create your 3D face model, which can be used during video calls. Apple is also collaborating with Disney to bring more amazing viewing experiences for their customers. They are also inviting app developers to create applications compatible with Vision Pro, which makes it equipped with more features.

Release date and Pricing

As per Apple Vision, the pro will hit the market early next year in the United States at the price of $3499, However, it will be launched in other markets later next year.

People Also Ask

Does Vision Pro work with glasses?

By keeping its Glass wearers in mind, Apple has collaborated with Zeiss to develop magnetic lenses for them to use Vision Pro. Zeiss will create magnetic lenses for them.

How much is Apple Vision Pro going to cost?

Apple Vision Pro will cost around $3499.

Apple vision pro weight

Apple has designed the Apple vision pro with aerospace alloy to keep it lightweight. They also do not attach the battery to the device, so the weight of the device won’t increase.

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