Digital Detox Unplanned: The Day Facebook and Instagram Went Dark

Guess what happened today? Facebook, Instagram, and threads took a surprise nap. Early in the morning, when everybody opened up their Instagram to check their feeds, they found out that it was not working. Surprisingly, Facebook and Threads were also not working at that time.

facebook and instagram down
facebook not working

Some people were also logged out of their Facebook accounts, which made them more surprised.

Downdetector reported that at 10:35 AM, more than half a million people were reporting about Facebook downtime.

Youtube was down ?  Seriously

Some people reported that YouTube was also down at that point in time. It seems like the internet was in rest mode today.

After a couple of hours, things have been sorted out, and all the social media platforms of META have started working again.

This means we need to think again about How much we rely on internet to stay connected with our loved ones

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