June 2023 Google Pixel Feature Update Unveils New Features and Enhancements

As we know that every device manufacturer releases updates for its devices on regular basis to fix lot of bugs and issues faced by the users. So this time Google is also coming with its new update for Pixel phones, watches and other products. With this update google is just not bringing new features but they are also fixing many bugs. So this would be very helpful for all Pixel users

June 2023 Google Pixel update

Credits : Trusted Reviews

For Pixel Phones:

New Google Assistant Voices and Safety Features:

This time google has added two voices named Line and Indigo in Google Assistant for Pixel users.
You can follow the below steps to access these new voices.

Step 1: Open Google Assistant
Step 2: Tap on Google Account Avatar
Step 3: Scroll down to Assistant voice and sounds

New Features in Google Assistant

This time Google also kept the safety of their user in mind. Google has introduced a new safety feature in google assistant. This safety feature is for emergency, In this feature your phone will check for you after a particular duration and if it will not get any response. Your phone will automatically share the live location with the emergency contacts

Adaptive Charging Improvements:

This time Google is taking care of both you and your phone. So they have introduced one more feature to increase your device’s battery life. Google has introduced an Adaptive charging feature which, with the help of Google AI, learned the charging habit of the user instead of the pattern set by the software. Technically, this feature is programmed to allow the device to charge more slowly during the long charging duration. Also, it will increase the charging speed before the user unplugs the machine.

Device-Specific Enhancements:

New camera updates also have been introduced for Pixel 6 and other new devices. Below updates have been submitted for Pixel devices.

  • In the new camera update, You can raise your palm to initiate the shutter time
  • In Pixel 7 camera update, macro focus mode has been added in video mode for close-up shots
  • In the recorder app, you can export transcripts to google docs
  • In Pixel 6a and 7a, if you put your phone on a hard surface, the vibration intensity of your phone will be decreased automatically.

Build Numbers:

As part of this update, Google has provided specific build numbers for different Pixel models. For example, the build number for Pixel 4a is TQ3A.230605.011, while for Pixel 7, it is TQ3A.230605.012.

Updates For Pixel Watch:

In the new update of the Pixel watch, users can access Spo2 oxygen saturation measurements, and they will also receive notifications for abnormal heart rates. New languages are also added in the Google Assistant for Wear OS.

June 2023 Google Pixel update

Credits : Trusted Reviews

The below languages have been added to wear OS

  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

For Fitbit Products:

In the new update of FITBIT products, Premium subscribers can monitor their Daily Readiness score from their bands and watches. The menstrual health tile has been added to Sense 2 and Versa 4. For Charge 5, Luxe, and Inspire 3, the exercise menu has been reorganized to feature recent exercise modes at the top of the list.

Rollout and Installation:

Google has started rolling out new updates for all of its devices. From Pixel 4a to Pixel 7a, all devices will receive the updates. Users can also wait for OTA updates or have the option of manual installation.

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