How to reset Lenovo smart clock ( 3 easy steps and done )

Want to reset your Lenovo smart clock? You bought a new Lenovo smart clock to set alarms or play music in your free time. Now you are about to sleep and have a meeting tomorrow early morning. You are trying to set the alarm in your Lenovo smart clock, and it started acting up. You are already very sleepy and have a lot of tasks for tomorrow, and because you cannot set the alarm on your Lenovo smart clock, you are getting frustrated.

Such kind of issues usually happens because of several reasons, like any internal software error or maybe because of any hardware issue. Now the best solution is to reset your Lenovo smart clock.

In the article below, we’ll discuss how to reset your Lenovo smart clock.

How to reset lenovo smart clock
How to reset lenovo smart clock

How to Reset Lenovo Smart Clock

Resetting your Lenovo Smart Clock is a very easy process. Follow the below steps to reset your device:

How to reset lenovo smart clock

Step 1: Press and hold both the volume up (+) and volume down (-) buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds.

You will see a prompt on the screen asking if you want to perform a reset.

Step 2: Tap the Reset button on the screen to confirm.

If you do not see any message on the screen or if it appears blank, continue holding the two volume buttons for 120 seconds to force a reset.

Step 3 : You should hear the voice assistant announcing that the clock is resetting. Follow the instructions provided by the voice assistant during the process.

Once the reset is complete, the screen will turn on and display the initial setup screen. Proceed with the setup process to start using your Lenovo Smart Clock.

Note: Resetting your device will erase all your settings, including alarms, music preferences, and connected services.

How Lenovo smart clock is beneficial in your daily life.

How to reset Lenovo smart clock
Benefits of Lenovo Smart clock

Lenovo Smart Clock can make your mornings easier by waking you up at the desired time. Also the Lenovo smart clock can help you to organize your day efficiently.

This is how Lenovo Smart Clock can make your life easier:

Alarms: In Lenovo Smart Clock you can set multiple alarms, It also allows you to customize snooze durations, Even if you are bored of one alarm sound you can also choose different types of alarm sounds in it.

Music: Since Lenovo Smart Clock is preloaded with Google Assistant, you can play music on it from a variety of streaming services, like Spotify and YouTube Music. So even if you are doing some work and need focus music, JUST Ask it to play it for you

Weather Updates: With the Lenovo Smart Clock, you can get daily weather updates, which really helps you plan your day accordingly. Imagine you are about to leave for a road trip with family, but just because your Lenovo smart clock informed you in advance about the weather,. Now, instead of traffic jams, you are sitting at home with a cup of coffee.

Voice Control: The best feature of the Lenovo smart clock is voice control. If you want your Lenovo smart clock to do it’s duty for you, just give it a command. From setting an alarm clock to playing your favorite song. Just say it and it will do it for you. SOUNDS Great

Cons of Resetting Lenovo Smart Clock

Now you have made your mind to reset your Lenovo smart clock, but here is my duty to inform you that, By resetting your Lenovo smart clock you can fix all the problems but, it has few cons as well.

Here are few cons of resetting your Lenovo Smart Clock

How to reset lenovo smart clock 
COns of resetting lenovo smart clock

Loss of Data: By Resetting your device all of your settings will be erased, which includes Alarms, music preferences, and connected services. Don’t PANIC if you ask it to play your favorite song and in return it will ask for suggestions

Time-consuming: While you are trying to reset your device, it consumes your lot of time, because you also need to set up your device again.

Potential issues: As Mentioned earlier that the error is may be because of software or hardware so even after your resetting your device you may face the same issue because may be it is due to any other error.


Lenovo Smart Clock is an excellent device that can make your mornings and your life very easier. However, if you’re experiencing issues with your device, resetting it may help fix the issue.

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