An Easy Guide on How to Restart Dell Laptop

When it is about durability with performance Dell Laptop’s will always be the first choice of the many people. Dell always focuses on the performance of their machines by providing high quality chipsets. But sometimes users also faces many issues with their Dell machines due to which Restarting of their dell laptop is required. Today in this article we’ll discuss How to Restart Dell Laptop and we’ll also learn why restarting your laptop is very important.

How to restart Dell Laptop
How to restart Dell Laptop

Why Restarting your laptop is important? 

Before we learn How to restart Dell laptops, we must first understand why it is important to restart them. Sometimes, many programs and applications start acting up in the background, making your laptop slow, or sometimes the situation worsens that your device will stop responding.

How to restart Dell Laptop
How to restart Dell Laptop

Restarting your device helps you in :

  • Cleaning up temporary files
  •  Resolve unwanted software conflicts
  •  Increase the performance of your device
  •  Close unnecessary programs which are running in the background without your knowledge
  •  Decrease the temperature of your device

First Method to Restart Your Dell Laptop

The first and easiest method to restart your Dell laptop is by pressing Alt + F4 buttons on your keyboard. Usually, some laptops come with combined function and multimedia keys for which you have to press the Fn key with the combination of Alt + F4.

Below are the steps to restart your Dell laptop with this method

Step 1 : Press Alt + F4 keys in your keyboard

A window will appear that includes the option of Shut down, Restart, etc

Step 2: Choose the option Restart

Close the already opened programs, or else it will give you an option, and all the programs will be closed automatically. 

By following the above steps, you can restart your Dell laptop by pressing ALT + F4

Second Method to Restart Your Dell Laptop

The second method to restart your Dell laptop is by accessing the start menu of your windows.

Below are the steps to restart your dell Laptop from the start menu.

Step 1: Click on the window icon located in the task bar to open your start menu. You can also open it by pressing the window key from your keyboard.

Step 2: Click on the power button at the right bottom in Windows 11 and at the bottom left in WINDOWS 10.

Step 3: Once you click the power button, a window will POP UP.

The window will include the option of Shut down, Restart, etc

Step 4: Choose the Restart option from it.

This is how you can restart your Dell laptop from the start menu.

Third Method to Restart Your DELL Laptop

The third and the only method which will always work is FORCE RESTART BY PRESSING POWER BUTTON. If you have tried all the above methods and you won’t be able to restart your laptop from the above methods, then you can press the POWER BUTTON for about 15 seconds, and your laptop will be turned off.

How to restart Dell Laptop

Below are the steps to FORCE RESTART your laptop by PRESSING the POWER BUTTON.

Step 1: Press the POWER BUTTON of your laptop for about 15 seconds, then your laptop will be turned off

Step 2: Hold the POWER BUTTON till your laptop starts again.

From the above method, you can restart your Dell Laptop by using the Power Button

Things to check before restarting your DELL laptop

Restarting your laptop is sometimes good and beneficial in many ways for your machine. But 

How to restart Dell Laptop

first, you have to check a few things before restarting your laptop.

  • Always save the unsaved files / Projects
  •  Close the opened applications/software
  •  Always check if any task is running in the background, like uploading files in the cloud / Moving files from one folder to another
  •  You have an optimal battery level
  •  If updates are active in the background

Things to check POST restarts

Once your laptop has been successfully restarted, it’s time to check a few things post-restart.

  • If your window has been updated
  •  Check if your Antivirus scan has been started in the background
  •  All the startup applications have been started

TIPS to Keep your laptop fast

Now you have successfully learned how to restart your DELL laptop. But we also must understand that everybody needs a laptop, from business owners to gamers. The quality of your work depends on the speed of your device. Suppose you have an important task, but during the execution, you realize that the speed of your laptop is very slow, so you are affected psychologically and professionally.

How to increase speed of your laptop
How to restart Dell Laptop

To increase the speed of your device, you can follow the below tips

  • Keep your device updated, including Windows updates, BIOS updates, and other software updates.
  •  Clean your browser cookies and cache files
  •  Always keep your desktop clean. Do not keep a lot of folders and files on your desktop
  •  Always SHUT down your laptop if you do not want to use it for a long duration
  •  Charge it frequently since a low battery level also affects the performance of your machine


Finally, you have learned How to restart your Dell laptop. Here we also read about the benefits of restarting your laptop, which includes the performance and lifespan of the device. Here we have learned about 3 methods of restarting your Dell laptop. Apart from restating, we also learned to check the pre and post-restart of the laptop.

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