Beastmaster Class in Final Fantasy 14? Series Creator Advocates its Addition Amid Fan Debate

Series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is advocating for the addition of the Beastmaster class in Final Fantasy 14 (FF14), a suggestion he made during the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary special

The Beastmaster, a job class that was introduced in Final Fantasy 5, allows players to capture monsters and utilize them in battles

While the idea has sparked discussions among the MMORPG community, it's uncertain how the Beastmaster's addition would be implemented

Some players suggest Beastmaster should be a limited job like the Blue Mage, which can learn a wide array of spells

However, others argue that Beastmaster should be available for regular content without being limited

A FF14 Fan Fest on June 28 could potentially reveal more details on this and the game's 7.0 expansion