Preserving Online Dignity after death: Opera GX's  'Fake My History' Feature

What would happen to someone’s browser history after their death, It can be a source of worry due to private or embarrassing content

To preserve a user’s online reputation after their death Opera GX has introduced a new feature which could help the user protect their image.

They have introduced a new feature called “Fake my History”, this feature will automatically replace your “Not so good” searches with some respectable searched like volunteering opportunities, online courses, community engagement, and DIY projects.

This feature will be triggered automatically after 14 days of inactivity. After 14 days opera will start replacing users URL’s from their history.

This feature is optional and can be switched on or off via the browser settings.

They have added one more feature named as "Pretend I'm Already Dead". This is for those who wants an immediate switch in their browsing history.

Maciej Kocemba, the Product Director at Opera GX is supporting this feature, He mentioned that  this feature can replace a potentially scandalous digital history with a fabricated, reputable browsing record.